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Michelle Marquez

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Michelle Marquez Offers Accounting and Financial Advice

Michelle Marquez is a current student at UCLA; she is studying to become an accountant, which stems out of a desire to help people in an area where many could certainly use assistance: money and financial management.

So many people out there have an opportunity to start now when it comes to managing their money better. It’s not just everyday people, either. You’ve likely seen a headline lately about a celebrity who failed to pay taxes and now they’re taking on questionable roles just to keep the tax man off their backs, or a former top notch athlete has come out of retirement to pay a sizeable IRS bill.

Even society’s upper echelon can end up going broke, even after achieving the heights of fame and fortune. In the end, no one wants to end up getting chased and shook down by the IRS. Money mismanagement can have a serious way of catching up with you. And mismanaging your finances will always end up catching up with you.

Saving. Budgeting. Portfolios. Investments vs. expenditures. Overhead. There’s a lot to think about when it comes to managing finances — it’s basically like you’re running a small business, and that small business happens to be yourself.

This website has been created to offer the latest in financial management, wealth management, and accounting news, as well as an exchange of ideas when it comes to all things wealth building.

Through this site Michelle Marquez is able to embark on her journey, offering financial advice and providing quality content as a way to get a head start, to get practical experience that will only broaden her knowledge. Visitors of this site can expect factual, high-minded information that will help readers not only get out of financial holes, but also build prosperity and abundance. It’s not as far off as you think.