Michelle Marquez: 5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Finances

5 Quick and Easy Things You Can Do to Improve Your Money

Michelle Marquez is a student at UCLA studying accounting who offers financial management to friend, family, and future clients on the side. Below are a few easy and actionable moves that Michelle always advises people to make to improve their financial status.

1.) Opt Out of Buying at Least One Thing Today

You heard right — Just Say No, at least when it comes to extra spending. We all make thousands of little choices in a day, and, hate to break it to you, but advertisers force you to make a choice not to buy something basically every time you turn on the TV, open a magazine, visit a website, or read a billboard. So, get used to saying “no” when it comes to making purchases that you don’t absolutely need.

2.) Pay Off One Bill That’s Been Nagging at You

A part of getting out of financial trouble is paying your debts. If you’re able, focus on paying off a debt that you’ve been putting off — maybe someone you borrowed money from, maybe a past due bill of some sort, or even maybe something that is delinquent or has been sent to collections.

3.) Wake Up an Hour Early and Tackle a Side Project

Getting your side hustle going today will make your financial life more stable tomorrow. If you can wake up an hour early each day without sacrificing the 7-8 hours of sleep you need every night, you will be surprised at what you can get done.

4.) Forgive a Debt that Someone Owes You

If you let a person borrow money, tell them it’s all good — within reason. A part of building prosperity is giving back, no matter how much you are clocking as far as annual earnings. Everyone should donate a small percentage of their earnings towards those less fortunate. And, globally, and even in your own community, you’ll find there are numerous less fortunate than you are.

5.) Put $25 in your savings

It’s never too late to start boosting up your savings. Start with $25 and grow from there. You’ll want to be saving about 10% of what you make. Generally, financial advisors will recommend to have savings that would keep your lifestyle for 6-9 months if left to your own devices.

Incorporating these moves today will put you well on your way to living a new life of prosperity. Visit the Michelle Marquez site frequently and often for more financial news and information. Here’s to your wealth!


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