Michelle Marquez on Moves That Keep People Broke

Michelle Marquez on Moves That Keep People Broke

Michelle Marquez: Habits and Bad Money Moves That Will Keep You Broke

Many of us out there work our jobs and seem to do what it takes to get the bills paid and keep food in the fridge. For a lot of people, this is just sort of where it ends. Each month they go through the same struggle to pay the bills and have something of a social life, but the savings never seems to increase.

If your savings is at a standstill and you find yourself broke often, this blog may hit close to home. Below, we go over common money moves that keep people broke. Once you are aware of them and identify if you’re making them yourself, you’ll be able to correct these mistakes.

You Go Out All the Time

It’s always tempting to go out instead of staying in, but, when we’re trying to save money, your home is your friend. Instead of going out to eat, try to opt for home-cooked meals. Go to matinee movies when you can. Avoid going on superfluous dates. Try to keep your eye on the prize: building a reliable savings that consistently grows.

You Always Pick Up the Tab

Unless you’re Daddy Warbucks, try not to pick up the tab so often, if you’re one of those people who are inclined to be over-generous. Pay for your end of the action on dinner tabs, etc., and try to bring cash (with twenties broken down). This way you can quickly calculate your tab and leave cash with tip. Don’t tip more than 20% — anything else is superfluous. Some hospitality workers actually find it uncomfortable when people over tip them.

You’re Trying to Keep Up with Others

Chances are, in your core group of friends, you all make different sums of money. Nobody needs to know that you’re trying to save more if you don’t want them to. But this also means that if your friends are heading out every weekend, maybe you take a pass on that for the foreseeable future.

Instead of staying broke, commit yourself to building abundance. Visit this site often for the latest in money management and wealth management materials and advice. The Michelle Marquez site is geared towards helping you succeed.


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